Deep Muscle Massage Therapy

Deep muscle therapy is performed by qualified deep muscle massage therapists to help free myofascial circumcision in the body. The theory behind this kind of massage is that when chronic knots (also known as adhesions) are present in deep muscle tissue, the body’s natural balance is removed from the wack.

Massage Pressure: How Deep is Too Deep?

Until natural balance is restored, injured fiber tissue can lead to chronic joint and muscle pain, poor posture and coordination, and a host of other health ailments. Deep muscle therapy aims to relieve chronic tension in all muscles and fiber tissues in the body. It is known to greatly increase flexibility and range of motion, and is also known to truly advance posture and renovate the body’s natural harmony.

When a practitioner performs deep muscle therapy on a client they intend to grow the lymphatic and circulatory systems. It promotes the freeing of harmful toxins in the body, and also encourages the body to repair damaged cells. Deep muscle therapy has been known to help heal minor muscle strains and connective tissue injuries, in enhancing to help calm more grave muscle conditions – such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and even to reduce symptoms associated with muscular dystrophy.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Although the methods used by deep muscle therapy practitioners are very similar to Swedish massage, strokes are applied with more pressure to excite the deeper muscles and surrounding tissue. Therapy such as deep tissue therapy is largely dependent on the client-therapist’s beliefs. This is because deep tissue therapy is often painful, evaluated to traditional relaxing massage styles (such as Swedish massage), and the therapist will only massage as deep as the client is comfortable. This means that clients must keep their massage therapist informed of their pain tolerance at all times during the session.

Deep muscle therapy sessions can range from twenty mintue to one hour. During the session, the client will lie face up on the massage table. Therapists will usually not apply massage oil or lotion to areas being massaged intensely, as they want to access deep muscle tissue deep below the surface of the skin.

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