Be part of an ayurvedic training where you will find a wide range of massage therapies on offer while using the latest technology and herbal methodologies under the supervision of experienced masseurs and professionals with a broad spectrum of relaxing ayurvedic massage. What Is an Ayurvedic Massage? Many think it’s just a casual technique. The […]

The Alexander Way is a kind of re-education in faction for clients and massage therapists. It teaches clients to rid their bodies of dangerous tension by retrying natural behaviors of sitting, standing and moving to reduce physical stress on the body; meanwhile teaching the massage therapist to utilize their body during therapy so as to

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Do you have one of those days when you have to walk everywhere and you find the need to soak your feet in Epsom salt the minute you get home? Or maybe you just played sports or played competitive tennis with friends and your whole body hurts? If you find yourself dealing with one too

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