Alexander Massage Technique

The Alexander Way is a kind of re-education in faction for clients and massage therapists. It teaches clients to rid their bodies of dangerous tension by retrying natural behaviors of sitting, standing and moving to reduce physical stress on the body; meanwhile teaching the massage therapist to utilize their body during therapy so as to provide less painful rub on them.

Basic Alexander Technique Information

The Alexander method is named for Frederick Matthias Alexander, the massage therapist who invented and early used this method during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Alexander created his massage techniques to teach clients and therapists to think consciously about the movements they make to carry out daily activities. Alexander realized that we all have a habit of coma which depicts our body against unnecessary pain and tension when we do routine movements without thinking about it. For example, we often use more force then we need to when lifting or pushing objects – which puts us at risk of injuring our back, shoulders and neck.

Alexander’s technique re-educates the body to exploit only a trial level suitable for certain activities. This is so that the body has sufficient strength and energy to carry out all the necessary activities without placing undue stress on overworked muscles and joints. Once the Alexander Technique is learned, it can be applied to any easy activity you do every day – sitting, lying down, standing, walking, lifting, pushing and pulling. In addition to conserving energy essential for tasks, Alexander’s method promotes movement, balance, support, and overall body coordination.

Alexander method massage practitioners use gentle physical guidance and verbal cues to train their clients through proper postures and movements. The classical Alexander Engineering class will re-teach the basic movements – sitting, standing, walking, bending, reaching, pushing, pulling, carrying objects and even how to sit and lie down.

Alexander technique

If you come to class with an underlying situation – carpal tunnel syndrome or low back pain – a practitioner will help you discover how the movements you use every day add to your painful situation. By carefully examining the way you move your body, you will be able to pin down bad habits and consciously work on moving more naturally and with less tension to reduce your symptoms. Once studied, the Alexander Technique has been known to promote bad back, neck, knees, and ankles; to reduce lower back and shoulder pain; to inhale the airways and circulate blood freely; and to promote overall balance and coordination.

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